Lake Leelanau

These photos best encapsulate our Michigan experience.

So...the Bass Pro Shop hats? Well, Tyler and I had our first experience at the new super shop Grand Opening in Rancho Cucamonga and boy, were we flabergasted--by the sheer amount of smokers gathered in one place, the giant stuffed deers, and well, let's face it, all the mullets outside the front entrance eye-ing the display boats. How could anyone resist the $2.99 mesh trucker hats to commemorate the experience? (No, I wasn't really drinking alcohol. It was a prop.)


Ethics Yikes

Well, Here I am. Back from a blogging hiatus of what?...three months now. Where does the time go? I have an ethics midterm tomorrow morning, so what better time to begin anew on the blogspot then the night before the big exams in a great effort to procrastinate on further study. Frankly, the thought of defending just war and just peacemaking along with articulating arguments on euthanasia, in vitro fertilization, premarital sex, and divorce is exhausting me at the moment. Oh, why I can't I just pray for God to divinely inspire me and claim the A now? Just kidding.

Anyway, my brain has been processing lots of theological issues lately: church planting, salvation vs. redemption, and reconciliation. I am not going to get into all of it right now (my conscience is telling me to hurry this up and get back to studying somewhat), but I will say that a realization has hit me amidst recent conversation and ethical readings: I have never fully been wounded by another person. Yes the occasional backslap of petty middle school girls and sorority (don't tell anyone that I used to be Greek) mishaps have come my way, but I'm talking about for real woundedness. The realization came about through the ethics lecture on divorce and the power that comes from a covenant relationship that has been broken and then seeks healing through the power of God, rather than quitting the marriage. Until now I have doubted the powers at work here: forgiveness, healing, authentic reconciliation. But I am beginning to believe in the possibility of it all, and it is radically changing the way I think about larger issues in the world where we need to forgive and seek healing in order to continue living.

On a different note, I began my 22nd week of pregnancy this past weekend. It's flying by and that makes me a little nervous because life with an 17 month old and newborn is going to be insane for a while. But I can't hardly wait either!! The pic is from several weeks ago, so he's a lot bigger now.

And with that, to Glen I return...one of three professors who keeps me sane at Fuller so far. Many thanks!