I haven't posted anything lately because my life is one long routine that rarely gets interrupted. Playing with Livia, who is extremely high maintenance these days, doesn't leave much time for transformative reading or earth-shaking conversation with friends. Usually it's trying to skim a magazine while she hugs my leg as I'm standing at the counter washing dishes. Most of the time I don't mind this. But it does leave me feeling lonely at times, especially when Tyler is working as much as he is right now.

But as I prepare spiritually for Thanksgiving next week I am struck once again by God's faithfulness. One of the reasons Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists is because of his innate ability to celebrate and showcase the normalcy in all of our lives. Whether it's through silkscreen images of celebrities or Campbell's soup cans (to name some of his most obvious stuff) to filming weird flicks that no one has ever really seen, Warhol creates a reflection of my life with God right now.

And not to be all Rick Warren and say that there is great purpose in standing at the sink washing dishes; I'm not going that far. But I will say that in the simple act of keeping my home clean, or changing a diaper, or reading Livia her favorite books, I believe God is magically and powerfully present. It's a comfort and a challenge that I depend on and always welcome. Mostly, it is a truth that even when I can't grasp the full reality of it, I am supremely thankful for it.

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