Dear God

The new site Dear God is midly addicting and a fascinating image of online spirituality for our current generations. You can post a prayer to any diety, it's a broad range, in a myriad of categories. It's mostly confessional while there are also challenges to God. It's fascinating and great. Not to mention, the images that go with each prayer are prayerful in and of themselves. Check it out. 

The post with this particular image: 

Dear God,Thank you for bearing me to a broken family. Thank you God for birthing me to an abusive father. Thank you God for infilitrating my culture and raping any sort of history and tradition that my family’s race had and leaving us sublimated to the power of the elite. Thank you God for allowing me channels of ill-supposed-truth to open my eyes to the untruth that is taught in the belief of you. Thank you God for the anomaly that is New York City and how it opened not only my eyes but my inner-man to the depths of what humanity is.Thank you God of ridding me of God.Remoy Philip, New York/USA

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